(Updated 01. 03. 2019)

 The internet has its good sides/sites, it is a fine medium, but on the other hand,
with each "forum" it also helps to spread all these little "stories" from people
who don't know enough about what they are talking;
so about the LX-screens used in the MX.

The only thing that really fits together between these bodies are the
outer dimensions of their screens.
Both cameras have a total different finder system that demands a
total different screen, and they have got it !!

Put a SA-26 (LX-screen especially designed for long tele-lenses) in the LX
with a 4/200 and it will help you (a bit) against dark corners in the viewfinder.
Now put it in the MX. Shock!! Where is the light!? Only a spot in the middle,
the rest is deep darkness.

Now a SA-21 (for general photography) and a SA-1(same MX-type)
both in MX-bodies
(for example with 4/100 macro lenses).
Compared with a SA-1 the SA21 might be that "famous-forum-1/3-f-stop" brighter,
but the grain is horribly precise to see, whereas in the MX with its own screen
the grain does not jump in your eye so sharp, black and brutal, that with wideangle-
lenses it even covers the fine structures in your picture.
And don't let's forget, that we sometimes have more darkness in the corners
when using LX-screens.

We don't need more examples, we don't need normal LX-screens, and we don't
need (sorry, if you have already bought one) LX-2000-screens.
I'm sure type 60 is better than the old 20, because that never was so good,
whereas other brands (Minolta, Hasselblad, Leica,...) already had
high-tech-inventions in their viewfinders many years ago.

But with the finer grain the MX-user would also get an
under-exposure of nearly 1,5 EV.
And to make confusion perfect, nearly every single type of LX-screen will give us
 an un-expected metering result, no matter whether it's an old or new type:
SE60=1,5EV / SE20=1,5EV / SA26=1,5EV / SA21=0,5EV . . .

Nobody who has really tested 5 or more LX-screens in a MX,
will continue to talk about the
"small amount of under-exposure you can ignore".
Which MX-User will really be delighted, to adjust his exposure metering
whenever he has changed the screen?

As I mentioned above, both cameras have total different viewfinder systems.
Look through a MX and a LX with a standard lens. One could think there is a short
tele on the MX! Why? Because the MX has a much greater finder-magnification!!
The next big difference you know very well: Little MX has a very small prism-glass!!
Third: Different optical distances from eye to viewer-image!!

Now, who could await, that under these circumstances LX-screens would work
properly ( or even better !!! ) in a MX, whose findersystem demands
total different fresnell-lines on the screens.

What we need (and I'm glad to have it) is a screen of new technology,
that is made for a camera very similar to the MX (no, it's not the OM-1),
with exact the same focus distance.
Do we want it much brighter? Letting pass much more light?
So nobody has to throw his MX-screens away
(after all we've found them working even better than those LX-ones).

The new high-tech-screen has to bring a bitmore light in the corners of our
MX-viewfinder, and we want a finegrain, that is nearly unremarkable.

The result is that bright and clear "panorama"-image, that many
MX-fans are longing for from the first day on.
That's the Hitecscreen.

The only problem to solve, is to fit it into the MX screen-frame,
because of its larger area.
I will do this risky cutting work for you professionally, and of course leave
a little "tongue" to grip the screen with the tweezers of the MX or LX screen-case
(if you don't have these tweezers, I will send you one I made by myself).

Naturally it is good "old" japanese technology and not one of those
american wonder-screens, that were sold from different USA-companies
for huge amounts of money, until finally the growing communication in the web
brought together all those, who had bought one and made bad experiences.

Focusing Screens = PENTAX = Screen Focussing
        HITEC - Screens for MX
Japanese technology - specially structured surface
NO Grain + BRIGHT Corners

Hitec S   Matte field+split-image spot+microprism collar   NEW 

Hitec M  Matte field only                                                             NEW 

Hitec G  Matte field+grid (cross hairs)                                   NEW 

Hitec P  Matte field+microprism spot                                    NEW  

Original Pentax MX focusing screens
MX SC-1   Matte field + split-image + microprism collar   NEW + Case 

MX SB-1   Matte field + split-image spot       NEW + Case                          

MX SG      Matte field + grid (cross hairs)      NEW + Case                          

MX SD-11  Clear field + central cross hairs                  USED (Mini-scratch at the top)  

MX SD-1   Matte field + clear spot + central cross hairs  USED (Mini-scratch at the top)  
Table of MX Focusing Screens (click)

Original Pentax LX focusing screens
LX SA-26  Matte field + microprism spot     NEW + Case   for long slow teles  

LX SE-20  Matte field only                        NEW + Case                                               

LX SD-11  Clear field + central cross hairs  USED                  (Mini-scratch at the top) 
Table of LX Focusing Screens Part 1 (click)

Table of LX Focusing Screens Part 2 (click)

645  UA-21  Matte field + microprism spot                              NEW + Case 

645  UC-21  Matte field + split-image spot + microprism collar  NEW + Case 
Table of 645 Focusing Screens (click)

6x7/67    Matte field + grid + microprism spot      NEW + Case 
Table of 6x7/67 Focusing Screens (click)

67II          (BA 61) Matte field + microprism spot   NEW + Case 
Table of 67II Focusing Screens (click)

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